Pre-Med Survival Guide
The Underground Playbook for Getting Into Medical School...
 Full MCAT KDpsych Written Version
 Plus Yields of Every KDpsych Term
 9 Facts They Don't Tell You Which Kill Test Anxiety
And Why AAMC Won't Admit Them
 Write & Publish Your Own Studies Before Junior Year
How I Did 5 Independent Studies in 1 Year
 The Broke Pre-Med's MCAT Survival Guide
Here's How I Kept Expenses Under $250
 How I Learned Every MCAT Class in 6 Months
Learned a Class in a Week? Here's How I Did It 14 Times
 5 Tips That Saved My Students 80% Of Study Time
And Why AAMC Won't Admit Them
 Undergrad's Quickest Path to Medical Experience
Step-By-Step Guide From a Scribe
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Here's What My Students Are Saying:
"Mr. Danikowski,
I got my scores a few minutes ago... 516!!! Can't tell you how happy I am. I know I'm not over the hill yet, but it feels so good to go from the 60th percentile on my previous MCAT to this..."
"I'm pleased and happy and ecstatic to say that, I got a 513!!! In the 90th fucking percentile!!! I HAVE to thank you! You put in your time, work and effort to help me out and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your guidance and help... "
The CARS and Psych/Soc sections were really easy for me. So I hope everything worked out and I got a score that I will be happy with. Your help has been unmatchable and I really appreciate all the advice you gave.
"Dear Kevin, I literally just got my score a few minutes ago. I got a 515! Thank you so so much for all your help and support, this is incredible for me!"
"Anyway, thanks for all your support and help Kevin these past few months. Without a doubt, you are one of the smartest people I have met (the amount of info you knew and presented during our sessions was just astounding)."
"I got my scores back just now. I got a 507! Not the 510 I was aiming for, but I still think it's a competitive score and still the highest of all the tests I took. What do you think? Thank you again for all your help it clearly paid off!"
"Great energy, great motivation, extremely helpful and kind! Wonderful teacher overall. Overall very caring, engaging, and knowledgeable." 
You prepared me well, it was invaluable just to know how to narrow it down to the essentials. Thanks! Would it be ok to send a tip to your address as thanks for all your time? I don’t want to force you to accept, but I’m just very thankful for your help.
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